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Как избежать обсуждения чувствительных тем во время праздничных обедов

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The holiday truce: a time to avoid sensitive topics

Holiday meals are often a time for family and friends to come together, but they can also be the scene of heated discussions. However, according to Charlotte Wils, psychotherapist and co-author of “Faire la paix avec sa famille” (Ed. Larousse), it is possible to navigate skillfully between sensitive topics without running out of conversation. In this article, we offer you tips on avoiding touchy subjects and fully enjoying these moments of sharing.

Identifying topics to avoid for peaceful exchanges

To follow Charlotte Wils' recommendations, it is essential to identify sensitive topics that could be brought up at the table. These topics can be general in nature, such as politics or the environment, but they are often related to personal aspects (couple life, family, work, lifestyle…), which can easily lead to reproaches or judgments. By being aware of these delicate subjects, you will be able to avoid them more easily and steer the conversation towards more neutral and pleasant themes for everyone.

It is also important to take into account the sensitivities and opinions of each of the guests. If you know that certain topics are particularly divisive or sources of tension between certain family members or friends, it is best to leave them aside in favor of a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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Preparing the ground in advance for peaceful reunions

If you are at odds with someone who will be present at the holiday meal, it may be wise to plan a discussion prior to the reunion. This will allow you to clarify things, express your feelings, and possibly find common ground before sitting down at the table. This way, you will avoid tensions resurfacing during the meal and making other guests uncomfortable.

In addition, as a host or in agreement with the host, you can establish certain basic rules for the smooth running of the meal. For example, you can ask everyone to avoid controversial topics and focus on positive and caring exchanges. This will create an environment conducive to relaxation and good spirits.

Conversation ideas for harmonious exchanges

To avoid sensitive topics, it is useful to have some conversation ideas in reserve. Here are some suggestions to fuel pleasant and interesting exchanges:

  • Happy memories: evoke past moments together, amusing or touching anecdotes.
  • Common interests: talk about hobbies, travel, culture, sports, etc.
  • Future projects: share your desires, dreams, personal or professional projects.
  • Positive news: discuss recent events that inspire optimism and solidarity.

By prioritizing these topics, you will encourage constructive and warm exchanges, conducive to strengthening the bonds between guests.

In conclusion: savor the present moment and cultivate kindness

Holiday meals are precious moments to come together and share good times with our loved ones. By avoiding sensitive topics and favoring caring exchanges, you will contribute to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and the pleasure of being together. So, take advantage of these moments to savor the presence of your loved ones, laugh, exchange, and create new happy memories.

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