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Yara Shahidi, the new face of Max Mara

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Yara Shahidi, the rising star honored by Max Mara

Yara Shahidi, a talented 23-year-old actress, has become a true inspiration for young people thanks to her standout roles in the television series Black-ish and Grown-ish. Her charisma and sparkling personality have won over the hearts of the public, making her an essential figure on the small screen. Today, she is honored by the famous Italian fashion brand Max Mara, which awards her the prestigious Face of the Future Award.

The Max Mara Face of the Future Award, a prestigious accolade

The Max Mara Face of the Future Award is an annual distinction awarded by the Italian fashion house Max Mara to a personality in the world of cinema or television. This award not only rewards talent and professional success, but also the winner's commitment and positive influence on society. Yara Shahidi is the 18th person to receive this distinction, joining the ranks of many talented and committed actresses who have come before her.

By receiving this award, Yara Shahidi confirms her status as the new ambassador for the Max Mara brand. The young actress perfectly embodies the values of the Italian house, which advocates for elegance, modernity, and independence. Her professional journey and her commitment to education and equal opportunities make her an ideal ambassador for Max Mara.

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A promising career and an inspiring commitment

Yara Shahidi began her acting career at the age of 14 in the series Black-ish, where she plays Zoey Johnson, the eldest daughter of an African-American family. Her character, funny, intelligent, and optimistic, quickly won over the audience. Building on this success, Yara Shahidi then landed the lead role in the spin-off Grown-ish, which follows Zoey's adventures in college.

In addition to her acting career, Yara Shahidi is actively involved in education and equal opportunities. She notably created the online platform Yara's Club, which aims to support young girls in their academic and professional journeys. Her commitment has earned her the title of UN ambassador for girls' education and numerous awards for her work in favor of youth.

Yara Shahidi, a modern and committed ambassador for Max Mara

By choosing Yara Shahidi as its new ambassador, Max Mara confirms its commitment to diversity and women's empowerment. The young actress perfectly embodies the values of the brand, which seeks to highlight strong, independent, and committed women. Her elegant and modern style, as well as her natural charisma, are in perfect harmony with the image that Max Mara wants to convey. There is no doubt that this collaboration will be successful and contribute to strengthening the brand's image on the international stage.

In conclusion: a promising and inspiring collaboration

Yara Shahidi, as the new ambassador for Max Mara and the recipient of the Face of the Future Award, embodies a new generation of talented, committed, and inspiring women. Her collaboration with the Italian brand is a real opportunity for Max Mara to showcase its values and promote women's empowerment around the world. This alliance between a promising actress and a prestigious fashion brand is undoubtedly the beginning of a fruitful and inspiring collaboration for all.

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  1. Who is Yara Shahidi?

    Yara Shahidi is an American-Iranian actress, model, and activist, born on February 10, 2000. She is best known for her role as Zoey Johnson in the television series 'Black-ish' and its spin-off series 'Grown-ish'. Shahidi is also recognized for her commitment to education and gender equality.

  2. What is Max Mara?

    Max Mara is a luxury Italian fashion brand founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti. The brand is famous for its elegant and sophisticated clothing, including its coats and suits. Max Mara is considered one of the leading fashion brands in the world, with stores in over 100 countries.

  3. What does Yara Shahidi’s role as the ambassador of Max Mara entail?

    As the ambassador of Max Mara, Yara Shahidi represents the brand in its advertising campaigns, events, and initiatives. She embodies the image of the modern, elegant, and committed woman that Max Mara wants to highlight. Shahidi also collaborates with the brand to promote causes that are important to her, such as education and gender equality.

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